Donate Today: Durham Playground

The playground at Durham Elementary is due for an upgrade. PSO is partnering with the Tigard Tualatin School District to ensure it can be replaced in a timely manner. The updated playground will add needed accessibility features.

DONATE TODAY: Make checks payable to Durham PSO, Playground Project.

The Durham playground is an area where our community comes together to play, imagine, make new friends, and get physical activity.  When the playground closed down in 2022 due to large amounts of water surrounding the playground, our children were disappointed that they had nowhere to play, except a wide open field or an undercover basketball court without many activities to play.  Children started inventing their own games as a replacement for not being able to play on the play structure.  Playground referrals for physical contact increased substantially when the play structure was closed.  After we received bark chips to help alleviate the flooded play area and we reopened the play structure, our referrals decreased because children could spread out and play on multiple areas of the playground with engaging activities (ex. climbing on bars, going down slides, playing in the barn, swinging, running on the circle sidewalk, sitting on the friendship bench to engage in conversation). I am hopeful that updating our play structures will increase the opportunity for our children to continue to play, imagine, make new friends, and increase physical activity using equipment that is accessible for everyone, regardless of ability.  I am also hopeful this space will continue to bring out community together as we make it the best it can be on behalf of all the children in our community 

Cleann Brewer, Principal at Durham Elementary