One School, One Book

2019-20 One School, One Book is The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett & Jory John!


Durham Elementary has a tradition of Family Literacy! One School, One Book is a school wide program that engages every student, every parent and every staff member in reading a book together.

2019-20 One School, One Book info:

OSOB – Parent Letter


Here is the link for SORA to check out your own copy of the book – (you can also check it out on EPIC – just search for the title.) – this is for an ENGLISH Copy,100337,115,100726/page-1/360023/2260799this is for a SPANISH Copy

We are excited to launch our “One School One Book” reading program this spring! It will look different this year as we are doing distance learning and you won’t have your own physical copy of the book.  Participating in a school-wide reading program such as “One School One Book” helps build a community of readers and a sense of belonging within our school. Families reading together help children listen better and longer, build bigger vocabularies, and develop a positive attitude about books and learning. Reading professionals recommend that families read aloud to children even when they are able to read by themselves. When an entire school reads together, it generates excitement about reading and being part of a fun program. We will start reading the book together this Wednesday, May 20th. You are welcome to read along with your child each night as well. You will be able to download the story on EPIC or SORA on your ipad.  

Fast Facts:

  • Wednesday, May 20th: THE BIG REVEAL!
  • May 20th – May 29th: Connect. Enjoy.
  • We’ll be recording the reading in English and Spanish so you can listen to the story.
  • We will be doing two activities related to the story. You will also have an opportunity to answer trivia questions along the way!!

What else?

★ We strongly encourage each family to read the book aloud together.

★ Send a photo from home! We hope to see the way you read together!  You can send the photo to me at

This is an optional activity for your family to do.  We believe it will be a fun, engaging time with your family, but we understand you are only able to participate for parts of it.  Make it work for you! 


  • Wednesday, May 20- Chapters 1-5 (pages 1-20)
  • Thursday, May 21 – Chapters 6-9 (pages 21-42)
  • Friday, May 22 – Chapters 10-12 (pages 43-65) –
  • Saturday, May 23- Chapters 13-16 (pages 66-87)
  • Sunday, May 24- Chapters 17-20 (pages 88-116)
  • Monday, May 25- Chapters 21-23 (pages 116-138)
  • Tuesday, May 26- Chapters 24-26 (pages 139-158)
  • Wednesday, May 27 – Chapters 27-31 (pages 159-183)
  • Thursday, May 28- Chapters 32-38 (pages 184-217)
  • Friday, May 29- Final Activity

Wednesday, May 20th:

Good Morning! We are so excited to get going! Here is today’s reading! Chapters 1-5. Have fun reading it with your family and then you can listen to Mr. Boudreau and Mrs. Brown read the story aloud to you! When you are finished, you can answer the trivia questions in the FLIPGRID – code attached. You can also download a copy of the book on Sora on the attached links below in English and Spanish – you can also check it out through EPIC.


Ch 1- English

Ch 2- English

Ch 3- English

Ch 4- English

Ch 5- English

Chapters 1-5 – Spanish

FLIPGRID CODE to answer Trivia Questions

Thursday, May 21st:

Well…..??  Do you LOVE IT?  Principal Barkin is NOT loving the first day of school prank is he?  I’d like for you to read Chapters 6-9 today and answer the trivia questions!  Have FUN!!

Chapters 6-9 Read Aloud by Mrs. Brown in Spanish

Chapters 6-9 Read Aloud by Mr. Boudreau in English
Ch. 6 Link

Ch. 7 Link

Ch. 8 Link

Ch. 9 Link

FLIPGRID Code to Answer the Trivia Questions

Friday, May 22nd:

The Terrible Two – Chapters 10-12 – Friday

“The Terrible Two written by Mac Barnett and Jory John and illustrated by Kevin Cornell. Read with permission from Amulet Books. Chapters”

Mrs. Murphy reading chapters 10-12 in English

Mrs. Brown reading chapters 10-12 in Spanish

ACTIVITY: Make a Cow and show it to us on FLIPGRID – You will make your own cow from anything around your house! Be creative! Then show us what you made by posting it on FLIPGRID


Saturday, May 23rd:

Hi Durham Roadrunners! It’s Saturday! Have fun reading Chapters 13-16 today! I hope you had fun creating your own COW! I can’t wait to see them! You can take a picture of yours and put it on Flipgrid! The Code is below. On the right hand side you can find the different days trivia questions and activities.

Here is the link to hear Mrs. Brown read the story in Spanish…/1mQfa5waQ_zFPC6zu5pOB3UmPT…/view…

Here are the links to hear Mrs. Smith read the story in English – Each link is a different chapter

Chapter 13…

Chapter 14…

Chapter 15…

Chapter 16…

FLIP GRID CODE to answer Trivia Questions

SUNDAY May 24th:

Hello Durham Roadrunners! Today I’d like for you to read chapters 17-20 with your families! If you’d like to listen to us read the story, the links are attached in Spanish and English. Then try to answer the trivia questions with the link on FlipGrid. Happy Reading! Enjoy the sunshine today!!

To hear Mrs. Brown read chapters 17-20 in Spanish, click here.…

To hear Mrs. Smith read chapters 17-20 in English, clicl here.
Chapter 17…

Chapter 18…
Chapter 19…
Chapter 20…


 MONDAY May 25th
The Terrible Two – Chapters 21-23

MMMOOOOOOOO! Are you enjoying the story? I cannot wait for you to read about the next big prank Niles pulls on Miles. Will they end up doing a prank together? I don’t know……….you’ll have to keep reading!

To hear Mrs. Roberts read in English chapters 21-23 click here…/1snZBwYI6p_7UtKOtjeAiLZ1l4…/view…

To hear Mrs. Brown read in Spanish chapters 21-23 click here…

To answer the trivia questions on FLIPGRID – here is the code

TUESDAY, May 26th:

The Terrible Two – Chapters 24-26

Here are the links for TUESDAYS reading of The Terrible Two! Click on the link to hear Mrs. Brown read the chapters in Spanish

Click on the link to hear Mrs. Roberts read the chapters in English

FLIPGRID CODE Friends! When you open up flipgrid go to the right hand side where is says there are multiple activities – you can click on them all and do activities or answer trivia questions…….there is a new activity on Flipgrid after each days reading!

WEDNESDAY, May 27th:

The Terrible Two – Chapters 27-31

Good Morning Durham Roadrunners! I hope you are enjoying reading the book The Terrible Two! I have SO ENJOYED listening to your trivia question answers, looking at your cows, and laughing at your jokes you are submitting! We only have two more days of reading left! Today and tomorrow……..and tomorrow we have an EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST reader! You will definitely want to check that out tomorrow!

Chapters 27-31 with Mrs. Brown reading in Spanish

Chapters 27-31 with Mrs. Roberts reading in English

FLIPGRID LINK to answer trivia questions – you can click on the right hand side to other TOPICS to submit your cows, jokes, and answer trivia questions from other days.

THURSDAY, May 28th:

The Terrible Two – Chapters 32-38

Well…..we’ve done it RoadRunners! We have almost completed the book The Terrible Two as our One School One Book! Today is the final reading! We have an extra special guest reader today……Mrs. Brewer – who will be your new principal at Durham Elementary School! (Mr Boudreau is retiring) Have fun reading and listening to the story! Make sure you check out FLIPGRID for the trivia questions and a final activity! You can also go back into flipgrid and answer trivia questions from other parts of the story, make your cow, or tell a joke. Just go to the right hand side under “topics” to see your options.

To hear Mrs. Brown read chapters 32-38 in Spanish – click this link

To hear Mrs. Brewer read chapters 32-38 in English – click this link Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 37 and 38



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