Read-a-thon 2021

Our annual Read-a-thon is about to begin! This event is meant to get our Roadrunners hooked on reading. Last Spring the Roadrunners read over 105,000 minutes and raised over $9,000!

Roadrunners can start counting their reading minutes on Saturday October 23rd and can count through Friday November 5th. Any form of reading or being read to during this time period can count towards their Read-A-Thon minutes. HOMEWORK READING MINUTES COUNT TOO! More information will be coming your way in the next week. In the meantime get ready to check out some new books, re-read some old favorites, get caught up on the latest news.

PSO 2017-18 Highlights

Thanks for a fantastic year! Here are some amazing PSO Highlights from 2017-2018 at Durham Elementary School:

Thank you to our Durham Volunteers who donated over 2500 hours of support for our school this year!

  • Our Jog-a-Thon in the fall raised $34,219.30!!
  • We held two successful book fairs and earned $3805.30 in Scholastic dollars to purchase hundreds of new books for our Library!
  • Durham Families attended 5 restaurant nights and raised $5441 for the school!!
  • Our amazing SCRIP Program put $3147 directly back into Durham Classrooms!
  • By collecting Box Tops, Roadrunners raised $1492 for our school!!
  • Our Read-A-Thon raised $3481.96 for our school, and Durham students read an amazing 57,670 minutes in ten days!!

We used the money earned to fund field trips at every grade level, support our Art Literacy Program, our Samba band and our Music and PE Programs, celebrate and honor our teachers with hospitality events, provide IXL Math to every child at Durham, and fund our summer reading program!  We also help staff and fund several family fun nights throughout the year that many, many students and families enjoyed attending together:

ALSO, our Durham Community raised $1508. 48 for the Foundation for Tigard Tualatin Schools Coin Drive, sent parents to help with the FTTS Phone-A-Thon, and stuffed bags and bags of donated items onto a bus in April for the Caring Closet! Roadrunners love to give back to our community!

All in all, these number add up to so many great opportunities and experiences for our kids and our school. So THANK YOU for being such a supportive community! We look forward to another amazing year and we will see you in the fall!!

Important Dates to know for 2018-2019:

  • Back to School Night & Supply Drop Off: August 29th 5-7pm
  • First Day of School from 1-5th Graders: September 4th
  • First Day of School for Kindergartners: September 10th
  • 2018 Durham Jog-A-Thon: September 28th (30th Anniversary!)

Have a Great Summer, Roadrunners!!!

Mr. Boudreau on the Roof!

Mr. Boudreau fulfilled his commitment to our students for raising ABOVE and BEYOND $25,000 at our 2017 Jog-a-thon! Last night he slept on the roof of Durham Elementary! You can find Facebook Live posts from Mr. Boudreau and photos on our Durham Facebook Page.

Way to Go Roadrunners and THANK YOU Mr. Boudreau!

Mr. Rhett Boudreau the Principal at Durham Elementary school said he would spend the night on the roof of the school if the students beat our fundraising goal of $25,000 for the Jog-A-Thon. Not only did they beat the goal they surpassed it by $10,000 raising a total of $35,000. Principal Boudreau camped on the roof of the school last night and several families stopped by to say hello, listened to him play guitar and they even delivered warm snacks. This morning he greeted all of the students and the buses from the rooftop in his #1 OSU Fan costume right next to Benny Beaver!

This annual fundraising event put together by the Parent Support Organization funds field trips for all grade levels, the art literacy program, technology for classrooms, music education and the Durham Samba Band, new books for our library and helps build community through family events like STEAM night and many other enrichment opportunities for the students at Durham Elementary.  In September 2018 Durham Elementary will hold their 30th Annual Jog-A-Thon.





New TTSD Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Background Checks

All TTSD volunteers will be asked to complete a Volunteer Application, which includes a criminal history background check. While background checks are a new practice in Tigard-Tualatin, it is a practice that has been place in most surrounding school districts for several years. You can complete the application now online at: There is no cost to the volunteer for the background check. The application requires that you provide your name, birthdate and driver’s license (or other official ID). Background check information will be confidential between the volunteer and the school district and will not be shared. If you don’t have access to the Internet or need assistance, your school secretary can assist you. 

Volunteer Background Check Flyer-2 English and Spanish

Volunteer Background Check Flyer-2 English and Spanish