2020 Read-A-Thon: TBD

The Durham Read-a-thon is a reading incentive program designed to motivate our students to READ, keep them reading, and reward them for reading. 100% of the collected money will go to the Durham PSO to fund things like Classroom Field Trips, Family Fun Nights, teacher requests and the Art Literacy Program. Please support our students by making a pledge for each minute that he or she reads OR make flat pledge and encourage student to reach their minutes goal.

Start Reading on . The last day to read for the Read-a-thon is . Any form of reading or being read to during this time period can count towards the Read-A-Thon. HOMEWORK READING MINUTES COUNT! As a bonus this year, our Read-a-thon will coincide with our “One School One Book” program! This means you can also count every minute read for our One School One Book book, as minutes for the Read-a-thon!

Thank you for supporting Durham’s efforts to encourage a lifelong love of reading!


Read-a-thon prizes are all based on the amount of minutes read. Please turn in your pledge envelope by   in order to be elligible for prizes.

  • 200 Minute Club:

We are excited to give a treat from Cold Milk & Treats to any student who reads over 200 minutes! *Note: If every child reads their daily 20 minutes for homework each night, they should easily earn this reward!

  • 500 Minute Club:

Students who read 500 minutes or more will earn a pass to the Sherwood Ice Arena!

  • 1000 Minute Club:

Students who read 1000 minutes or more will earn a pass to the Circuit Bouldering gym for TWO people!

  • Grade-Level Prizes:

The student who reads the most minutes in each grade level will receive a gift card to Mudpuddles Toys & Books in Sherwood!


The THREE students who read the most minutes school-wide will each receive a Kindle Fire Tablet!

**Grand prize winners are not eligible for grade-level prizes. The grade level prize will go to the next student in that grade.