The Durham Elementary Parent Support Organization is a community of parents and family members who offer their time and help to make our school a better place.

If you have a child attending Durham Elementary, you are a part of the group! If you’d like to receive email updates from the PSO, just email durhampso@gmail.com and let us know. 

Every hour you can give in extra help makes a HUGE difference in our kids experience at school. Whether you are available to help from home, during school, or on evenings and weekends, there is always something going on that could use your help.


WE RAISE FUNDS for Family Fun Nights, to fund field trips, to grant teacher requests and so much more. Because the school budget is limited by what the school district provides, it is up to our families to fund much-needed additional support to keep our school operating at its very best.

WE BUILD COMMUNITY by sponsoring family events and social activities that allow students and parents to build deeper connections with each other. By connecting with other families, we are able to provide a happier, more supportive environment for our students to thrive in.

WE SUPPORT OUR TEACHERS AND STAFF by organizing a variety of events that keep our teachers feeling appreciated and supported. This includes hosting potluck meals at the school, providing notes of encouragement and treats in staff work rooms, and organizing special events around national recognition days for Teacher Appreciation Week.

WE HELP IN CLASSROOMS every day of the year. By working directly with teachers, our parents are able to spend time at the school helping with homework, study time, and special projects.